FCM - Construções S.A. is the winner of a contract for the completion of a set of Villas in Sesimbra, site of Palames, in the Encosta do Castelo. It is the repair and rehabilitation of 31 properties already built, but that present serious pathologies due to the period of abandonment and maintenance of the last years. The value of the contract amounts to € 1,017,000.

The customer in question is MILLENNIUM BCP, which has bet on FCM as a partner for these contracts, already valuing its experience in General Contracts and in rehabilitation / finishing works.

The activities inherent to these works now executed by FCM, are focus on construction finishes, correction of infiltrations, general overhaul of roofs, exterior and interior coverings, kitchen installations, sanitary facilities, as well as all infrastructure networks such as be the electrical, water and sewage networks, air conditioning, ventilation and gas network.

The contract has a term of execution of 6 months, with FCM having to face a daring goal, which is very demanding in terms of coordination of the various actors in the work, on its various fronts. The contract has now started and should be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

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