Nursery and After School Recreation of the «O Saltarico» Association

Associação «O Saltarico»

Loures - Portugal


Work done:
General Construction

Building area:
1.500 m2

12 months

850 m3

Intervention area:

A turnkey general contract, including foundations, reinforced concrete structure, finishes and special facilities of a building for kindergarten and preschool, with only one floor above ground and with capacity for 173 children.

The kinderrarten has 9 rooms (2 nurseries, 2 playground-rooms and 5 activity rooms) with a capacity for 76 children. The kindergarten has 4 rooms for 97 children. The administrative area has 50m2: secretary, technical office, teacher's room and an office of the direction. It was also planned a cafeteria with 65m2 with a capacity of 54 seats (this space will be used in 3 shifts).

The exterior of the building was made with two coating materials - sandstone slabs and painted plaster, guaranteeing a singularity adequate to the function and the surroundings. The window frames are in thermo-lacquered aluminum with gray satin finish, double glazing, transparent and laminated in the contact areas with students. The floor around the building is in prefabricated plates.

Regarding the interior lining materials, the idea of combining acoustic and visual comfort prevailed, always using materials with characteristics of durability and dignity, indispensable to its proper functioning.