Fuel Warehouse


Sidi Bell Abbès - Algeria

In progress

Work done:
General Construction

Building area:
400.000 m2

18 months

10.000 m3

6.000 m2

Intervention area:
Hydraulic and Industrial

This project aimed to increase the storage capacity, modernize and automate the Sidi-Bel-Abbès fuel depot. This deposit center has the purpose of receiving refined products, their storage and distribution by road and rail.

The work consists of the execution of 7 different lots, from storage buildings, administrative buildings, support buildings and technical services, as well as all the infrastructures of roads, covering a construction area of 40Ha.


The built lots have the following purposes:

Lot 1 - Loading of trucks; 500 m³ oil tank; B1 collection basin; Oil recovery basin;

Lot 2 - Road paving;

Lot 3 - Workshop for Integrated Fire Management; Fire engine shelters; Entry point; Locker room; Delivery point;

Lot 4 - Local generator; Control room; Analysis laboratory;

Lot 5 - 5 m³ purge tanks; Lighting column; Outdoor lighting; Light vehicles shelter; Checkpoint and waiting room;

Lot 6 - Administrative building;

Lot 7 - Product pumping station; Road crossings; Firewall; Electrical installations of buildings; Electricity from buildings;