Loanda Towers

DHC - Const. C. e Obras Públicas, Lda

Luanda - Angola


Work done:
Reinforced concrete structure

Building area:
76.500 m2

15 months

31.257 m3

135.799 m2

Intervention area:
Residential Buildings

4.953.326 Kg

Located in one of the main avenues of Luanda, the "Loanda Towers" project is a reference of a new, modern and cosmopolitan Luanda. The building is a mixture of villas, offices and services, with 26 floors above ground and 5 underground for basements, garages, storage and technical areas. The two towers start from a shared base. On the ground floor, the accesses are distributed by the two buildings. Floors 1, 2 and 3 are exclusively for offices. At level 3, besides the office spaces, there is, between the towers, a leisure area. An innovative building where environmental concerns intersect with a unique and representative concept of the new Luanda. A quality, innovation and value reference. FCM Group was responsible for the structural project. The contract included the execution of masonry and its insulation in a total of 46,900 m².