Dolce Vita Tejo

Mota-Engil, S.A.
Somague, S.A.

Amadora - Portugal


Work done:
Supply and application of formwork

389.000 m2

Intervention area:
Commercial Buildings

In the execution of the «Dolce Vita Tejo» Shopping Center, FCM has tested the strength of its business and capacity to manage several teams, in a project with a deployment area of 100,000m².

The Dolce Vita Tejo was opened in May 2009 and offers about 280 stores spread over 2 floors. It has 11 movie theaters, 30 restaurants, 1 hypermarket and a police stand. It also has the particularity of having the largest covered square in Europe, a outdoor space where there is a 130m2 screen, suspended in the middle of a garden. It has an area of influence of 2.5 million people and a 9.000 parking spaces.