Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Mafra

Mota-Engil, S.A.
Zagope, S.A.

Mafra - Portugal


Work done:
- Supply and application of formwork
- Concrete application

10.800 m3

36.300 m2

Intervention area:
Hydraulic and Industrial

The anaerobic digestion plant receives and executes the treatment of biodegradable urban solid waste from a selective collection of the counties of Cascais, Oeiras, Sintra and Mafra, serving about 900.000 inhabitants. 
These residues, together with an organic material feeding process recovered by mechanical treatment of urban solid waste collected in an undifferentiated form, allow the production of biogas which can be used as an energy source for power generation, as well as a compound fertilizer for agricultural soils.

In this project the main highlight was the construction of 3 digesters with 30 meters high and 15 meters in diameter, executed with circular formwork designed and manufactured by FCM.