WWTP in Lordelo

Mota-Engil, S.A. | Soares da Costa, S.A.

Lordelo - Braga - Portugal


Work done:
Supply and application of formwork

10.000 m3

36.000 m2

Intervention area:
Hydraulic and Industrial

The Lordelo WWTP treats domestic and industrial effluents from the municipality of Vizela and several parishes of Guimarães, Santo Tirso, Felgueiras and Lousada, serving a population of around 143,500 equivalent inhabitants.

The Lordelo WWTP is equipped with the most modern treatment technologies and is provided with specific stages of treatment. Besides ozonization in contact towers, which allows the removal of the color of the effluent and the pH adjustment, through the direct injection of carbon dioxide.

The infrastructure also has a deodorization system for the treatment of odors and allows to reuse part of the flow treated in the treatment process, but also for compatible purposes, such as the irrigation of public spaces, container washing, among others.

This infrastructure is equipped with two reactors with 44m diameter, four decanters with 31m diameter and the Entrance Building.