WWTP in Albufeira

Zagope, S.A.
Construtora do Tâmega, S.A.

Albufeira - Portugal


Work done:
Supply and application of formwork

20.500 m2

Intervention area:
Hydraulic and Industrial

The Intermunicipal WWTP of Albufeira is located in the parish of Guia and serves the municipalities of Albufeira, Silves and Lagoa, and has an average daily flow of 28,119m³, equivalent to 133,900 inhabitants.

In the execution of this project, the PERI - RUNDFLEX PLUS formwork system was introduced, for the first time, in Portugal, for the execution of 3 large decanters.

It consists of a set of 15 lift stations. In the liquid phase it contemplates the stages of preliminary treatment, biological, physico-chemical and disinfection, and also has an additional filtration and disinfection stage for the production of service water.